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Join us and our other sponsors on a journey of positive community impact, while having immense fun. We bring something special to the lives of those around us with every aspect of our Faire. By being a part of our noble family, you can leave a lasting impression that will stick with others for years to come.

Fill out the form below to start the process of becoming a noble sponsor of the Evermore Medieval Festival. We call our sponsors the “peerage” in honor of what they bring to the Evermore Faire table. By becoming a member of this exclusive group, you will grow with us in every way.

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Please note: Please use the name, email, and phone numbers of the preferred point of contact. For “Company or Organization Name”, please enter the name of the sponsor. If the preferred contact for the company is different than what you entered into the name field, please enter it in “Preferred Point of Contact”. If you want to disclose your industry, please enter it into “Industry”, and if you have a website, please input it into “Website URL”.

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