Rules of Conduct

``Disrespect the law, and you disrespect me.``

Evermore Medieval Festival and Jones Country Music & RV Park Rules

Please read carefully so there will be no surprises while you are here.

  4. As there are limited RV hookups, vendors/entertainers will have first access to hookups. If you require a RV spot please email to discuss availability.
  5. The management team at Evermore Faire want the camping experience to be fun for everyone. Whether you are a participant or patron camping, the most important thing for everyone to remember while on site is RESPECT and COMMON COURTESY.  Respect other people, their space and respect the beautiful grounds.
  6. No one under 18 may camp without parent or adult guardians. Proof may be required upon registration and request.
  7. Only service animals will be allowed in the festival grounds. NO PETS IN FESTIVAL AREA!
  8. All animals MUST be vaccinated and accompanied by record of such.
  9. All animals must be picked up after and humanely secured at all times.
  10. REGARDING NOISE: Keep unnecessary noise to a respectable level. Noisy, abusive behavior may result in immediate eviction from the grounds without refund.
  11. As there are permanent residents on-site, quiet time is midnight.
  12. Generators are allowed.
  13. Please respect camp boundaries.
  14. Never park or block designated roadways. Emergency vehicles must be able to pass in the event of an emergency.
  15. If your vehicle is damaged because it is too close to the road, law enforcement will fine you for damages to EMS vehicles. Keep in mind other campers and staff also will need to get through.
  16. Leave your campgrounds clean. I must remove all trash and debris. Leave nothing behind but footprints.
  17. Keep trash and debris pickup regularly.
  18. Please do not dispose of trash, baby diapers or other camp waste in Porta-Johns. Dispose of all trash in the dumpsters provided.
  19. NO GROUND FIRES! All fires must be in a raised fire pit with a fine mesh screen on top with a 3-foot clearance of leaves and debris must be cleaned from around the fire.
  20. Because we encourage families to come and enjoy the grounds there will be NO PUBLIC NUDITY allowed.
  21. No alcohol consumption by anyone under 21.
  22. PARENTS WITH CHILDREN: Never leave children unattended at any time in any part of the festival, campgrounds, or anywhere else about the property.
  23. The agents, affiliates, employees, sponsors, or volunteers of EMF Developers, LLC & Jones Country Music & RV Park/Mike Murphy are not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of any persons property.
  24. The purchaser of admission and camping passes agree to these rules, as well as agree to hold harmless the above stated entities.

Infractions will result in immediate dismissal from  grounds without refund.

Any questions? Contact or call at 409-202-1579.

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