Our Entertainers

``Those Who Entertain Us``

Our Entertainers

O’ Ye Entertainers, bring to us a vibrant world of majesty and wonder! We lend you our ears in promise of such sweet words or deeds, and you do not disappoint.

As intricate a part of the Faire’s cosmology as the Moon is to the Earth, entertainers of the Evermore Medieval Festival are varied and impressive. From storytellers spinning yarns of times of yore to magicians dazzling us with effects galore to noble knights knocking each other to the floor… they are what all come to the Faire for.

Our entertainers come in two varieties: Stage and Lane. Our Stage Performers wow us atop the platforms as fixed times, while our Lane Performers entertain us along the Faire’s grounds.

Check back as the Faire approaches for a listing of acts we’ll have at this year’s festival!

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