Our Vendors

``Come One, Come All!``

Our Vendors

What is a Medieval Festival experience without ye merry vendors to ply their trades and hawk their wares? Whether it be succulent meats, delectable treats, or impressive feats, a vendor at Evermore Faire is sure to impress you as you walk our streets.

Each vendor has something different to offer, and the presentation is just as important to us as the goods or service themselves. Everything is pre-screened and must fit within the Theme of the Faire, and our application process ensures that you have the highest possible experience.

And it’s not just food and face-painting (ya know, the typical Faire fair). We pull in a variety of vendors from all over, including demos of methods used during the times of yore. In otherwise, much like an exciting scavenger hunt, there’s something different and fresh each time to visit Evermore Medieval Festival.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a ticket, grab your Dragon Flaggon, and head down to the Faire!

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